She might seem young, but she’s good at what she´s doing! Katy is a recent graduate, and work with nails, lashes and makeup. If you’re looking for beautiful nails, an open look with great eyelashes and brows, makeup before a wedding day, big happening, or maybe you just want to feel good, Katy is your girl!


Sophie is an expert in hair removal. She practices both laser and wax, and finishes off the session with the best product in the industry, leaving your skin smooth and less irritated. She also has different courses and education in massage, so if you want to spoil yourself, or just need and timeout, she can help you!


Lucy has a lot of experience, and has been working in the industry for almost 20 years now. She has courses and education within skin care and skin analysis. She can work miracles on your skin, and make you feel like new again after an appointment.


Claire is one of the part time workers we got in our saloon. She is working her way through some courses for nail design, eye lash extensions and fixing brows. Claire is available during the weekends, and in holidays, and offers treatments for a reduced price during her education.


Emma also works part time with us. She’s taking courses for micropeeling and deep clean of the skin, and can offer treatments for a reduced price during her education. She’s available every Wednesday and during the weekends and holidays.


Carmen is almost finished with a bachelor in massage. She already has experience and courses in hair removal and can now offer massage as well. She works with us every Monday and Saturday, and during the holidays. The prices for her treatments are still reduced during her education.